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Welcome to MD Results by Dr. Gill

MD Results by Dr. Gill is an exclusive, clinically-tested line of natural organic and medical-grade skincare products. We help our clients customize their skincare regimen and monitor their long-term progress so that they experience measurable and consistent benefits. We are very excited to share our passion for empowering our clients to experience their healthiest and most beautiful skin.


Using a combination of natural organic skincare for daily, long-term use and medical-grade products for targeted shorter-term skin challenges, MD Results customizes a skincare regimen for you in order to take the guesswork out of selecting products. Every single product in both the natural organic line and the medical-grade line has been clinically tested and is made using the highest quality raw ingredients. The MD Results Skincare System uses a proprietary questionnaire to determine your unique skincare needs and then selects the ideal product combination for you to experience measurable, long-term benefits. You no longer have to wonder whether or not your skincare products are actually working. This customization is essential because you can’t use a cookie-cutter approach – each one of us is completely unique so our skincare regimen must be personalized for it to work.  
The MD Results Skincare System saves you time, money, and mind-space, by taking over the responsibility of selecting the right products for your unique needs.


In addition, by joining the Measure & Manage Subscription Program, your products are auto-replenished to save time and our clinical team monitors your progress to further refine your product selections every 3 months. They also help identify any specific barriers that might be preventing you from succeeding. Not only is this service free for our clients, they also receive an additional 5% discount on all purchases when they participate.


The reason for this is because we believe that our success only comes from our clients’ long-term success. We want to do everything we can to create real results and build long-term relationships with our clients. Close measuring & managing is essential for this to work. 

Our entire line of products and services is continually innovated based on feedback from our clients integrated with the most evidence-based, validated scientific and medical research.

MD Results Launches Its New Website    

After numerous months of arduous work, we’re finally launching our new website. We’re so excited to present it to you and share a few of its main features with you. We’ve taken the time to develop what we think will be the best visitor experience in our industry. We’ve listened and learned and created a place where you’ll love spending time. Here are some of our highlights:

Empower Your Skin. Empower Yourself ™

This is our main company mission and vision, to support and empower our customers towards developing their best healthy self through education, access to quality products and engaging tools. We are committed to adding value with every touchpoint and through Our Processes, Our Products and Our Promise. This messaging is front and center on our home page because it is at the core of everything we do and what we believe.



Most of our pages contain “Frequently Asked Questions” sections to make it simpler for our visitors to use our website and understand it’s content.

MD Connect

Come visit our MD Connect page and learn more about the organizations we support and contribute to with every purchase made of our MD Results products.


MD Results Skincare System™ Questionnaire

In order to take the guess-work out of skincare product selection, MD Results has developed a proprietary intake questionnaire, which identifies your unique skincare needs and develops a customized regimen for you.  The MD Results Skincare System™ Questionnaire was created to save you time and money by analyzing your submitted answers and connecting them to our product selection to provide you with the most customized skincare regimen available. You never have to guess what product is right for you! We have also added additional discounts for visitors who opt-in to shopping through the questionnaire journey that aren’t available elsewhere on the site. Click here to take the The MD Results Skincare System™ Questionnaire


Our Time Saving Main Products Menu

Again, being very mindful of our customer’s time, MD Results developed an easy way for you to create your own personalized shopping experience. Whether you want to shop by Skin Type, Skin Challenge, Product Type or Skin Care line, we’ve got you organized and ready to go. To open up this wonderful menu, simply click the “Our Products” menu section at the top of the website.


Our Individual Product pages

We tried to create engaging and content rich individual product pages where you could see the product and also listen to Dr. Gill’s valuable guidance on what benefits each product holds and how best to use them for maximum results. Each product can be purchased on a “one-time” basis or on our “Measure & Manage Subscription Program” which auto-replenishes your order on the scheduling of your choice and convenience. We’ve also made it really easy for you to share those product pages with your friends on all your social platforms by adding social share functionalities under the categories section of the page (see image below). This way, if you see something you like, you can just click on the social media icon of your choice and easily share it.


Each individual product page also contains the information on the benefits of signing on to our “Measure & Manage Subscription Program“, a tab with a full description of the product and it’s “direction of use”, a tab for the full ingredients list and finally, a “Reviews” tab where customers can leave their review of the product after purchase.



In order to make it easy for you to “MD Connect”, every page has a form where you can add your email and become part of the MD Connect Community get benefit from valuable content, special promotions and be the first to access new programs and products.


We hope you’ll enjoy the new website and find it both useful and user friendly. We want you to enjoy learning more about MD Results and its journey in bringing your great content and great products. We have worked diligently to provide you with a website that is filled with great functionalities and engaging content.

If, in your experience of the website, you come across things that don’t seem to work properly or have suggestions on content you would like to see and know more about, please feel free to drop me a line at and it will be my pleasure to review and add your suggestions to our ever evolving wish list.

I value your feedback immensely and thank you, in advance, for providing it to me. I look forward to building a wonderful community of ambassadors around MD Results.

Klaude Furlong

Klaude is MD Results' VP of Business Development.


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