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Our Story

Radiant Eyes

Where Did MD Results ™ Begin?

MD Results was created to help anyone who is seriously committed to experiencing radiant, healthy, and beautiful skin in order to feel and look their best but who has had difficulty understanding which skincare products to choose and how to use them properly for the greatest long-term benefits.


The company was founded by Dr. Harmeet S. Gill MD, FACS, FRCSC, an assistant professor and Royal College, board-certified eye surgeon with advanced fellowship training in eyelid and facial plastic surgery. Having treated more than 10,000 patients over the past decade using a combination of surgery, laser therapy, injectables, and various compounded skincare solutions, Dr. Gill is a recognized international medical expert and invited lecturer.


His nuanced understanding of functional and cosmetic enhancement of the delicate skin around the eyes and face makes him one of the few specialists with this medical expertiseRather than focusing only on single-session interventions like surgery or injectables to improve facial health and beauty, Dr. Gill has placed much greater emphasis on a health-optimizing lifestyle and a customized daily skincare protocol to cultivate the best long-term results for his patients. 


Over the years, Dr. Gill discovered that many of his patients weren’t keen on daily skincare because they had become cynical and frustrated with the skincare industry in general and many of its products. These patients felt that even though they had invested significant time, money, and mind-space towards various skincare options, they still weren’t experiencing the wow-factor or the results they had hoped for. 

As Dr. Gill dug deeper during these patient consultations, he ultimately identified 6 specific barriers that were commonly preventing most people from achieving the long-term skincare success they wanted  


  1. Not using skincare products on a daily basis (usually because “not enough time”, “not enough perceived benefit”, or “not sure which products to choose”).
  2. Not selecting the right skincare products for the skin type (each of us has a unique skin type, genetic make-up, lifestyle factors, and skin challenges, so the skincare products must be customized accordingly).
  3. Not using the correct strength/concentration of active ingredients (if too low = minimal or no results, if too high = side effects like redness or sensitivity).
  4. Not using high-quality, organic, natural, and plant-based skincare products (we must avoid long-term use of synthetic products, low-quality raw ingredients, petrochemicals, or other toxic substances which are found in many popular skincare brands because these chemicals will do more harm than good).
  5. Not evolving the skincare protocol over time (our skincare needs will evolve over time and can also change during certain life events; the skincare protocol must evolve accordingly for the best results).
  6. Not recognizing the situations when skincare products won’t work (e.g.  mature or problematic skin must first undergo specific therapies to improve cellular health and penetration before the skincare products will be absorbed).  


In late 2016, Dr. Gill made the commitment to find creative solutions that would empower his patients so that these 6 barriers could be overcome by virtually anyone. After more than two years of extensive research, clinical-testing, and collaboration with chemists, dermatologists, and product manufacturers from 3 different countries (Canada, Germany, and the United States), Dr. Gill concluded this intense, discovery-filled journey by introducing two innovative MD Results ™ complete skincare product lines and the MD Results SkinCare System ™ 


Immediately, these innovations received overwhelmingly positive reviews from many clients. Clearly, there was a great need and desire for higher-quality, clinically-tested skincare products provided using a customized monitoring-system to see real results. Eventually, the decision was made to evolve and grow the company to help others who were also seeking optimized facial health and beauty. With the tenacity, large-scale vision, and tremendous organizational talents of Klaude Furlong, our VP of Business Development, MD Results™ has built the capacity to serve clients across the globe.

Why Is MD Results ™ So Effective?

MD Results' Mission Is To Provide Clients With The Highest-Quality Skincare Products Available.

Our mission is to provide clients with the highest-quality skincare products available, in addition to a reliable and clinically-tested system that takes away the guess-work from product selection. We take over the responsibility of making sure your skincare products are actually creating the results you want to experience. 

The 8 Governing Principles Of MD Results™ Processes, Products, And Services That Mutually Contribute To Its Success Are:

 The 8 Governing Principles of MD Results™ processes, products, and services that mutually contribute to its success are:  

  1. Do no harm while doing the greatest good possible. 
    This medical ethical standard of practice is adapted from the Hippocratic Oath and informs every decision made within the company. We value 100% transparency, safety, and honesty for our clients with no compromises or exceptions. How you do anything is how you do everything. The needs of our clients are always at the top of our list.   
  2. First allow the skin to heal.
    Use only natural organic skincare products for at least a 3-month detoxification period to give the skin time to restore its foundation of health and hydration. This is particularly important for sensitive or problem skin.  
  3. Daily skincare consists of natural organic products for long-term use. 
    Despite what cosmetic marketers will have you believe, there are no “miracle creams”, short-cuts, or silver bullets when it comes to healthy, beautiful skin. This is only achieved by using the right products for your unique skin needs as part of a daily regimen. Only high-quality natural organic products should be used long-term because synthetic, toxic ingredients will be harmful over time.   
  4. Medical-grade skincare products can be used to complement the daily regimen for short-term use.
    Medical-grade products have higher concentrations of active ingredients, but more is not always better. These stronger products can make skin more sensitive over time and expose it to higher concentrations of unnatural chemicals. We selectively use medical-grade products for specific skin challenges for defined periods of time.  
  5. Know thyself. A cookie-cutter approach to skincare doesn’t work. 
    Each one of us has unique skin needs based on our age, gender, racial background, skin type, complexion, genetics, and lifestyle choices. For example, a 67-year-old Caucasian woman who has dry and sensitive skin, living in a sunny climate, and spending 5 hours a day outdoors, has very different needs than a 35-year old Asian man with oily skin, working in a stressful corporate environment, mostly indoors, and smoking every day. If you give them both the same “wrinkle-reduction serum”, clearly they will not experience the same benefits. We strongly encourage all of our new clients to complete the MD Results SkinCare System ™ intake questionnaire so that a customized protocol is developed.   
  6. What gets measured, gets managed.
    As any professional athlete or successful businessperson knows, we can’t improve or “manage” a skill or goal if we don’t measure the results we’re getting over time. Relying on hope or random luck is not a winning strategy. The same philosophy applies to skincare. At MD Results, we carefully monitor the impact of your skincare protocol over time and refine product selection based on the results being achieved so that you get maximum value long-term.  
  7. Empowerment through education & support.
    There is far too much misinformation in the media and online about what various skincare ingredients or products can achieve, making it difficult to know what to use and what to believe. In addition, skincare is only a small part of overall health, vitality, and beauty so a more holistic knowledge-base is necessary to be fully informed. Our commitment is to provide ongoing and unbiased recommendations based on reliable and up-to-date medical research. This is combined with individualized feedback to help overcome personal struggles and barriers to success. 
  8. You’re changing and so are we. 
    We all see that in nature, every living thing is influenced by the process of constant and never-ending evolution. At MD Results, we fully recognize that as you evolve over time, your skincare needs will also evolveOngoing feedback is given and received between us so that mutually we create the best long-term results. We continuously innovate all products, services, and processes to utilize current, validated medical research and technology towards providing maximum value to our clients.  

Our Promise To You...

100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed

or your money back

At the very core of MD Results™ is an absolute commitment to 100% satisfaction for every person. We aren’t interested in simply selling skincare products, but rathebuilding lifelong relationships with our clients and adding tremendous value in the form of education and customized coaching along the way.


It is our mission to create the very best skincare experience for you.


Your thoughtful and consistent feedback will be our most valuable resource to help create long-lasting measurable results and keep our business, processes and products evolving in the right direction.


I invite you to connect with us online through all of our social channels and look forward to building an amazing MD Results community around our beloved products.

Empower Your Skin. Empower Yourself.™


Discover Your Customized Beautiful Skin Protocol

Complete Our MD Results Skincare System™ Questionnaire

As part of a healthy lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, exercise) the daily discipline of a medical-grade skin care regimen is an excellent investment towards your long-term health and vitality.


Why did Dr. Gill decide to launch an organic skin care line?

Dr. Gill decided to go back to the basics and begin his skin care journey with what he thought would be best suited for his patients. Organic skin care with only the best, natural ingredients available on the market was the only way to go.


Many of his patients came to him seeking advice on how best to prepare their skin for the surgeries they were scheduled to undergo or how they could extend the results of the surgerties they had just spent thousands of dollars on. Dr. Gill tried to find them the purest of solutions but often came back empty handed and would then have to create something for them. This process became arduous and unsustainable.


Creating an organic skin care line was the only solution and one he was excited to undertake.


The organic skin care line begins the detoxification process and returns the skin surface to a balanced state, one that can then be emphasized with forward, more targeted treatments and increase desired results. Without this beginning, there can not be this aspired result.

What makes MD Results™ different than other skincare products?

1. MD Results takes the guesswork out of product selection. We help save you time, money, and mind-space by creating customized protocols based on your unique skincare needs.  


2. MD Results values your health as a top priority. A medical ethical standard governs all decisions made within the company.  


3.  All products are made using the highest quality raw ingredients and  both natural organic and medical-grade skincare lines are available to create measurable long-term health and beauty.


4.  Our clinical team works with you over time to provide education, support, and to refine your skincare protocol so that it continues creating measurable benefits.  


5. MD Results is committed to constant innovation and evolution of all its products and services. Each year, the product lines are upgraded based on the best available scientific and medical evidence.

What can MD Results clients expect from our products?

1. All MD Results, Naturally products are made using the highest quality of natural organic raw ingredients available (92-100%) while maintaining the active ingredient concentrations necessary to create real results. These should be used daily. 


2. All MD Results, Medical-Grade products have been clinically-formulated by physicians for maximum benefit and safety. These should be used for defined periods of time based on your unique skincare needs. We help you determine what to use and for how long in order to get the most benefits while avoiding allergies, reactions, or sensitivity. 


3. All products are Cruelty-Free (never tested on animals).  


4. Premium Quality is verified for every product (ingredients & manufacturing). 

What is MD Connect?

MD Connect was created for us to be fully engaged with our clients and collectively give back to our communities.


As a company, we feel deeply grateful for our success and endeavor to constantly give back to vulnerable populations. Because we value ongoing feedback from all our clients, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for us to communicate with one another.

What is MD Results' vision for the future?

1. Continue innovating all our products and processes in order to create the best long-term skincare results for our clients. 


2. Develop our online platforms to make it even easier for our clients to order products, connect with us for ongoing feedback, and access the most up-to-date health optimization resources.


3. Expand our philanthropic and social empowerment efforts internationally.

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