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MD Results, Men

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MD Results, Men

MD Results recognizes the anatomical and physiological differences between men and women’s skin, which informs our selection of the ideal skincare protocols to achieve the best possible results. The products and protocols are designed to help you look and feel energetic, healthy, and your most attractive.  


Some of our most popular products

  • Shaving Conditioner

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  • After Shave Power Balm

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  • Deep Pore Refining Masque

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  • Mineral Facial Exfoliator

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Men’s Skincare


What makes a man’s skin different than a woman’s?

Men have thicker, stronger skin with a rougher texture and more active sebaceous (oil) glands compared with women. Testosterone increases collagen thickness and oil glandular activity. Regular shaving has an anti-aging, skin-thickening impact because it exfoliates the dead superficial skin layers, which improves cellular regeneration.  

How can I look my best without spending a ton of time or money on skincare?

Certainly, two of the most precious resources we have are time and money, so they must be invested wisely for maximum impact. Unfortunately, the skincare industry is filled with so many products and so many promises that it can be difficult to know what to choose and who to believe. Some of our busy clients used to feel that skincare just wasn’t worth investing any energy in. But the question we ask is not only to consider what it will cost you if you do invest in skincare, but rather what it will cost you if you don’t? It’s never too early or too late to start. To get the best competitive edge in business or in life is feel and look your absolute best. Healthy, vibrant skin reflects this better than any outfit or accessory could.   
The MD Results commitment to you is to provide ethical, transparent skincare protocols that are customized for maximum results and maximum impact. Our clinical team works closely with you to select the best products to be used when simpler regimens are desired. 

Which product will make me look more energetic and less tired?

Healthy, radiant skin around the eyes and across the entire face which has minimal wrinkles, age spots, and inflammation, will make you look most youthful and attractive. To achieve this, a healthy diet, regular sleep and exercise, hydration, and a consistent daily skincare regimen customized to your unique needs is absolutely necessary. There is no single product that can achieve this result on its own for every person. Each of us is unique and so our skincare needs are also unique. The MD Results Skincare System was developed to help you create your own customized regimen 

Which products do you recommend for shaving and hair care?

The shaving process itself is an excellent way to enhance skin cell turnover, which exfoliates, thickens skin, and has a great anti-aging impact. However, the shaving experience also traumatizes the skin and disturbs its natural acid mantle. Men with more sensitive skin or problem skin often experience irritation, inflammation, redness, folliculitis, or even pain during shaving.  
MD Results offers Shaving Conditioner, which is a 95% pure natural, non-foaming shaving cream that is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. This not only provides the ultimate comfortable shaving experience for those with sensitive skin, it also accelerates healing and allows deep absorption of vital nutrients into the facial skin. After shaving, the Aftershave Power Balm nourishes and seals roughened cuticles and exposed pores while providing deep moisturization and nutrient absorption. It is made from 97% pure natural raw ingredients. For those men, who are sporting a healthy beard or moustache, Pure Argan Oil is 100% natural and is excellent to optimize the hydration, health, and vitality of the hair follicles and surrounding skin. 

What Our Customers Say About Using MD Results....

"I bought the "His Simple Skin Care System" kit in order to try and introduce a skin care regimen into my daily routine. I wanted easy, simple and fast. These products delivered. They make my skin look youthful and I love how soft my skin feels."

MD Results - Submitted May 28th 2019

"I work in an industrial setting where my skin is constantly exposed to all sorts of chemicals & toxins. My wife made me try the Mineral Facial Exfoliator followed by the Deep Pore Cleansing Masque and I couldn't believe how amazing my skin looked and felt. My pores were super clean. Awesome products."

MD Results - Submitted June 26th 2019

"My wife gave me these products to try for my shaving routine. I gotta say, I'm not usually too fancy when it comes to these things but I was amazed at how good a shave it ended up giving me and the After Balm was a really cool effect. Made my skin feel really soft. Guess I'm a believer now!"

MD Results - Submitted May 15th 2019

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