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MD Results, Naturally

Radiant Eyes

Natural Organic Skincare

MD Results, Naturally is an exclusive, clinically-tested line of facial skincare products for a variety of skin types. Each product is designed using targeted active ingredients to help heal or rejuvenate the skin and is made using only high-quality botanical naturally-derived organic extracts. Unlike conventional skincare products, which typically contain toxins such as petrochemicals, each product in this line is made using the maximum amount of fully natural raw ingredients (92-100%). We recommend our natural organics line to all our MD Results clients because it is the safest and most effective for long-term health and vitality 

Some of our most popular products

  • Reparative Vit C Serum

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  • Radiant Eyes

    $137.00 – or subscribe and get 5% off
  • Deep Pore Refining Masque

    $78.00 – or subscribe and get 5% off
  • Natural Retinol Serum

    $117.00 – or subscribe and get 5% off

Your Most Natural, Radiant Skin

MD Results, Naturally products are all made using the maximum amount of high-quality natural organic raw ingredients (92-100%), while preserving the active ingredient concentration and compound stability necessary so that measurable results are achievable.


I’ve seen other skincare products labeled “natural” or “organic”. What makes MD Results, Naturally different?

Certainly, several companies offer skincare products which are made using “natural” ingredients but, unfortunately, many of them do not use the highest-grade available and often lack sufficient active ingredient concentrations to create real, measurable results. Other more conventional skincare companies are also beginning to realize that many people prefer using natural products, and some have started adding the terms “natural” or “organic” to their labels mostly as a form of marketing. Even if only 2% of the ingredients are natural while 98% are synthetic or potentially toxic, a product could still be labeled “natural” and this is misleading.


MD Results, Naturally products are all made using the maximum amount of high-quality natural organic raw ingredients (92-100%), while preserving the active ingredient concentration and compound stability necessary so that measurable results are achievable. Because we believe in 100% transparency, the entire ingredient list is written on every product box for clients to personally review. The product line is continually innovated through clinical testing.

With so many skincare products available on the market these days, how do I decide which one is “the best”?

Unfortunately, there is no skincare product that can be “the best” for every single person because we are all completely unique. For instance, the skincare needs of a 62-year-old Caucasian woman who lives in a humid, sunny climate and spends 5 hours outdoors each day will be very different from the skincare needs of a 35-year-old Asian man who smokes and lives in a dry, colder climate mostly indoors. These and many other lifestyle and genetic factors make our skincare needs totally unique. Not only do needs differ between different people, our own individual needs also evolve over time and during specific stressors during our lives. The person we were 10 years ago had different needs than the person we are now and, similarly, the person we will be 10 years from now will again have different needs. As we each evolve over time, our skincare needs will also evolve, and so the skincare protocol too must evolve for us to get the best possible results.  

Rather than focusing on finding the “best product”, what we truly need is the “best protocol” selected for our unique skincare needs at this moment in time. Because it’s confusing to know which products to use, how often to use them, and who to trust, the MD Results Skincare System was designed to help clients establish their own customized skincare protocol. Based on how each person responds over time, the protocol is adjusted to get the best results 

Why all this interest in natural, organic skincare? What makes conventional skincare products so bad? Which toxins do they contain?

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and everything we put on our skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream. If a chemical is not safe to go into your mouth, then you must not put it on your skin either. Conventional skincare products are made using petrochemicals, preservatives, detergents, and many other toxic substances that can actually do harm and damage our skin and our health. Many people suffer from worsening skin irritation, redness, sensitivity, and inflammation with long-term exposure to such chemicals. Some scientific studies even suggest that exposure to these toxins can disrupt hormones or cause cancer.


Because of our new awareness and better understanding of the potentially harmful effects of such chemicals, many people are now turning to natural and organic skincare products to optimize beauty without jeopardizing health.  

Do natural organic skincare products work as well as conventional ones? Are they “strong enough”?

This is a very common question because natural products are often thought of as being weaker or less potent than conventional ones. However, potency of the active ingredient is a separate issue from whether or not its made using natural vs. synthetic base. The concentration of any given active ingredient in a product (e.g. retinol or vitamin C) is chosen more or less independently from the other ingredients. Although we want each product to have a sufficient active ingredient concentration to get the job done, all other ingredients within it should be as organic and natural as possible to minimize toxicity. Because we can“be natural” simply by picking up a plant leaf and rubbing it directly into our skin, there are certain processes that need to be undertaken to stabilize active ingredients within a base that will allow them to be absorbed safely. MD Results, Naturally products are all made using the maximum amount (92-100%) of high-grade raw natural organic ingredients while preserving strength ” of the active compounds. 

By contrast, most of the synthetic ingredients used in conventional skincare products are actually preservatives, detergents, or base materials used for product stabilization to prolong shelf-life. There are 1000s of chemicals used in these skincare products and this is why regulatory bodies (ie. Health Canada, Food-and-Drug Administration) cannot adequately keep track of which chemicals at which concentrations are unsafe with long-term use. You as the consumer must be your own best advocate when it comes to skincare and take the time to research exactly which ingredients have been used before putting any product on your skin. Otherwise, you could be doing more harm than good.  

How do I decide which natural organic skincare products to choose for myself?

Each of us are totally unique and our skincare needs are also unique. This is why we developed the MD Results Skincare System as a tool for you to customize the best possible product combination (protocol) to achieve the best results [learn more]Generally speaking, most of us will benefit greatly by using a natural organic facial skin cleanser twice daily, physical exfoliator once weekly, and moisturizer twice daily. The vast majority of MD Results clients experience a tremendous improvement in skin health and radiance even within a few weeks by following this simple regimen. By augmenting the basic protocol with customized targeted serums that contain unique active ingredients (i.e. retinol, vitamin C, etc.) even more powerful, measurable results are achievable. 

What Our Customers Say About Using MD Results....

"I was a non-believer in organic products. I thought it was all a ploy to sell products. Boy, was I wrong! I have been using these products for 6 weeks and OMG...what a change in my skin! I'm a fan forever."

MD Results - Submitted April 2nd 2019

"I got these products because I kept getting hives with chemical type skin care. These products worked beautifully for my sensitive skin. I can really see a difference. I can't believe it! Who would have thought that natural skin care could feel so good and actually work!"

MD Results - Submitted March 27th 2019

"I never believed natural products could generate these types of amazing results. I am definitely a believer now. Love these products"

MD Results - Submitted March 12th 2019

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