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MD Results, Medical-Grade

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Medical-grade Skincare

MD Results, Medical-Grade is our line of skincare products which contain higher concentrations of targeted active ingredients that have demonstrated their efficacy in clinical studies. Although these products are powerful, they are not suitable for everyone because “more” does not always mean “better”. We recommend every client first begins with a 3-month detoxification period using the MD Results, Naturally line, to allow skin to heal and regain its strength while avoiding potentially toxic substances that might cause more harm than good. Once a baseline foundation of healthy skin that is free of toxicity is achieved, targeted medical-grade products are selected for specific durations of time as needed to enhance results.   

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MD Results, Medical-grade Products

  • Radiant Glow SPF 36

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  • Deep Regenerative Rx

    $187.00 – or subscribe and get up to 5% off
  • Advanced Acne Solution

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Your Medical-grade Skincare

After completing the MD Results Skincare System intake process, our clinical team will devise a customized skincare regimen for you based on your unique lifestyle and genetic factors.


What exactly does “medical-grade” skincare mean?

“Medical-grade” is typically used to describe those skincare products containing relatively higher concentrations of active ingredients. Because these professional-strength products can cause more adverse reactions like redness, sun sensitivity, or irritation, they are typically available only from a physician’s office or medical spa. 

How do I know if I am a candidate for medical-grade skincare products?

We believe that many medical-grade skincare products are being overused or used inappropriately. This leaves people with adverse reactions such as sensitivity or redness and most of them give-up and stop using the product altogether. It is better to start with a customized natural organic skincare protocol and then select specific medical-grade products if necessary and for targeted periods of time. For instance, residual wrinkles, brown spots, or dehydration can be treated with specific medical-grade products after baseline skin health and vitality has been optimized. The MD Results Skincare System was designed to help you navigate this process and the MD Results clinical team is always available to support you during the process.

What are the risks of using medical-grade skincare products?

The main risk is that if the wrong product is used for your skin type, you might actually feel worse and cause harm to your skin. Medical-grade products are made using higher concentrations of active ingredients so they have higher side effect profiles. We can help mitigate this risk for you by first helping you strengthen your baseline skin health and vitality with the natural organic line and then introduce targeted products as needed for short periods of time. Your safety is our number one priority, so we monitor progress closely.  

Will I get better results by using medical-grade skincare products?

Simply put, yes or no. Medical-grade products are typically used for more mature, sun-damaged, porous, or thicker skin . However, if you have younger, more sensitive, dry, or less porous skin then medical-grade products may cause more sensitivity and damage your skin.   

How are the medical-grade products used within the MD Results Skincare System?

After completing the MD Results Skincare System intake process, our clinical team will devise a customized skincare regimen for you based on your unique lifestyle and genetic factors. All new MD Results clients will automatically initiate an all-natural protocol from our MD Results, Naturally line of products. This is a 3-month detoxification period to optimize your skin’s health, strength, and vitality. Most of our clients continue using the outstanding products from the natural organics line. However, some clients will require higher concentrations of specific active ingredients in order to achieve more measurable results. Based on individual progress over time, these products are selected and their impact is carefully measured by our clinical team. We do not advise long-term use of medical-grade products for most clients. 

What Our Customers Say About Using MD Results....

"I have been using the Deep Regenerative Rx product a few months now and I can't believe what it's done for my skin. The fine lines are disappearing and the deep wrinkles are doing the same. I feel and look younger than I have in years. Everyone keeps asking me what I've been doing. Thanks MD. Love this product!"

MD Results - Submitted May 5th 2019

"The Radiant Glow SPF36 is such a great product! It's tinted so it fills in as a light foundation. Now, I can enjoy the outdoors knowing I'm protected. Feels like velvet on my skin. Great job!"

MD Results - Submitted May 30th 2019

"The Advanced Acné Solution is absolutely wonderful. Takes care of spontaneous breakouts that I need resolved asap. I carry it in my purse all the time. LOVE this product!"

MD Results - Submitted July 18th 2019

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