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Dare to LIVE “Unfiltered”

(Based on a True Customer Testimonial)

Sweet Caroline


My name is Caroline and I am 38 years old and have 3 beautiful children, Aiden 9, John 7 and Lana 4. I run a pretty busy household filled with grocery lists, dental appointments and soccer practice. I have learned, as a good mom, to put myself last on my list of things to do and often don’t really ever get a chance to even get to my needs. With young kids, a husband and a home business to run, there just aren’t enough hours in a day. My idea of skin regimen is a shower and some soap on my face while I’m in there so I can kill 2 birds with one stone. I tend to listen to my friends and family for their advice on the new trends of skincare but never really get the opportunity to ever put what they say to practice.


This must be why Instagram filters are so popular! No one really has the time to perfect that peachy perfect glow, so we choose a peachy perfect glow filter instead. I haven’t seen a real image on Social Media in years. Everything is filtered and filtered to the point where you start believing everyone looks this way in real life. But they don’t because you know you don’t.


Just When I think I’m Out, They Reel Me Back In

One afternoon, during my latest haze trip to the grocery store, I stop by my local pharmacy to buy some toiletries for an upcoming trip and in one of the aisle stood this young woman in front of a new “All Natural” skin care product line display. She’s really pretty but not in a super make-up sort of way. She has very little makeup on actually and is just one of those “gene gifted” naturally gorgeous lady. The display is filled with images of aloe and natural elements in taupe and green. Makes you want to go for a long walk in the forest, you can almost smell the trees! Ah, the effectiveness of marketing to your customer.


I made the mistake of walking down that aisle and asking her about it. She went into her sales pitch of how these products were fragrance free, toxin free, cruelty free, everything free but the kitchen sink. She promised I would look 10 years younger by the time I got to the airport to board that plane 3 weeks from now. I folded like a bad poker hand and bought the antioxidant mask and the moisturizer and continued down the aisle towards the shampoo I desperately needed.


I was excited about my new product and felt so proud that I had finally taken initiative towards some type of skin regimen. My sisters would be so proud of my purchase and so jealous once they started to see those wrinkles fade away. You see, this upcoming trip was a “girl’s trip” we had been planning for a year. The husbands would stay home and the girls would enjoy a week of Mexico sun and delight. We were so ready for some of that peace and quiet and an undeniable amount of “me time”.



Not All Naturals Are Made To Be Equal

So, I rush through traffic, pick up the kids at school and pick-up dinner at Subways thinking I can gain about half an hour to myself if I do. We all get home, I decide to go hide in the bathroom and try on this new mask. As I lather it on thick, I start daydreaming about how sweet it’s going to be to show off my new, younger looking face, to my sisters. I will finally have one on them for once. I can even say I started following an “all naturel” skin care regimen and have them pat me on the back with a “good job girl, finally!”


As I sit there dreaming away, I can feel the mask tingle and tighten up. I am thinking it’s working and feel the excitement rush through me. About 20 min later, I remove the mask  to what looked like 2nd degree burns. No short of a lie, I looked like I had sat under that Mexico sun for 5 days straight without coming up for air. It was raw, inflamed and bloody painful. How could I react this badly to a product that was so “free” of everything? Hmmm, I was fuming. I started looking past the pretty graphics and onto the ingredient list and found out, after a Google search frenzy, that a lot of the so called “Natural” ingredients weren’t natural at all. In fact, I was allergic to one of the chemicals that ended up being in the mask. I was devastated. How was I going to come out of the bathroom looking like this. I might even scare my kids to death with this face. I soaked a towel in cool water and placed it over my face for what seemed to be an eternity. Long enough for my kids to start wondering where I was and come knocking at the door.


As I sat on the bathroom floor, I started to cry. I felt duped, used and humiliated. How could I have been so gullible and fallen so easily for the pretty pictures and the impossible promises? Again. I felt embarrassed at spending my hard earned money on these illusions and then the self-deprecating monologue started up in my head. Women, we’re good at the self insults. Every time we make a mistake it seems those chattering monkeys are never far away. As I got off the floor and opened my vanity to put away the new products (I couldn’t throw them away just yet, I felt too much guilt in the face of the wasted money. I would have to hold on to it for at least a month before I could get rid of it guilt free) I was faced with a sea of multi-colored rows of skin care products. All mostly unused. I had tried some of these only once only to be disappointed by the results or the smell. I was having to do add this one to the row. I bet I probably had over a thousand dollars in that vanity, in products I would never use again but wasn’t ready to part with because of the guilt I had for buying them in the first place. “All in good time”, I told myself.



MD Results To The Rescue

The next day, I called my sisters and told them what happened and after their initial laughter subsided, my older sister said “I have exactly what you need. Chill the wine, I’m coming over”. Within an hour, we were all sitting in the living room and sharing beauty secrets over a red Merlot. Jeanine had brought her Ipad and took my sister and I onto a website called “MD Results by Dr. Gill”. It was a new fully organic skin care line supported and endorsed by a Toronto plastic surgeon. The website had videos of the doctor talking about the products and their benefits and the best of all feature was an online questionnaire you could take that would basically customize a skin care regimen for you. No head scratching, no guesswork. Simplicity at its best. Perfectly suited for us.


Jeanine had purchased products already and had brought them over with her. Come to think of it, it was the first time I had ever seen Jeanine without make-up. She had ALWAYS worn make-up ever since I could remember. She felt self-conscious about her acne scars and her sun spots so she always wore lots of make-up to cover it all. Not tonight though. She had come to my house make-up free. I had a good look at her skin and it was velvety and smooth and her tone was beautifully even. Her acné scars had just about disappeared and she was absolutely radiant. She had my attention. She went on and on about how the products actually made her feel. It was actually touching to see how confident she seemed and how free she felt without the make-up. She told us that using these products made her feel like she was actually nourishing her skin and making her skin smile…which in turn made her smile…which in turn made the both of us smile. The MD Products seemed to have had an empowering effect on our sister Jeanine. Something that had changed her core somehow. Quite the powerful cream I say.


So, I was sold and went through the questionnaire and answered every question and ended up with my very own, customized skin regimen. The experience overall made me feel special and cared for. Made me feel special. A few days later, I received my products and followed the protocol on how to use what when. I was determined to do this right. I was blown away by how luxurious the cream felt on my skin. Like pure velvet.


A few weeks went by and I started to feel the MD Results “empowerment” effect that Jeanine had so lovingly talked about. I felt beautiful for the first time in a long time. My skin was smiling at me in the mirror and thanking me for being so good to it. I felt a deep beauty, one that made me feel like I didn’t want to hide behind filters anymore. One that made me feel like make-up was a “maybe” now, not a “for sure”.

The 3 of us jetted off to Mexico with our bags filled with our favorite MD results products and had the time of our lives. And guess what? None of us wanted to filter out our peachy, velvety skin with Instagram filters. Yes, we all decided from then on that as long as we had MD Results, we were going to “dare to live unfiltered!”

Klaude Furlong

Klaude is MD Results' VP of Business Development.


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